Our Mission

At Hitlist we have one mission: to help you travel more for less. Our intelligent filters help you find trips that suit your time, destination preferences and budget. We want to help people connect face to face and in doing so hope to build a friendlier world.

How it works

Choose Where You'd Like To Go

Build your list manually or choose from recommended destinations. See where your friends live and have been & get tips from the people you trust.

We Send The Best Deals

Who has the time to set up hundreds of price alerts? Let us do the heavy lifting. We scan millions of fares and bring you the best itineraries to help you know the optimal time to travel.

You See The World

Turn your travel dreams & schemes into actual plans. Share your list if you like and recruit friends to travel with you.

Who we are

“Make voyages. Attempt them. There's nothing else.”

- Tennessee Williams

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